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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Tasarım

Compatibility of websites with mobile devices has gained importance in recent years with the widespread use of mobile devices. According to statistics websites are displayed by mobile devices with a rate of 1/3. Under these circumstances your website has to be compatible with mobile devices in order that your visitors on your website can see your website properly. Modern web design approach requires this.

Websites’ being compatible with mobile devices has gained considerable importance in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Especially since 2015, search engines are able to detect if the websites are displayed properly on mobile devices, and does not show the websites which are not displayed properly in higher ranks in search results.

Then, how can we define a mobile compatible website? We can say that there are basically two approaches on this issue. The first is to produce a mobile version of the website which is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. We have utilized the cited approach for a long time. However, a more modern web design approach was made possible only by development of CSS3, HTML5 technology of the browsers and when these browsers began to support these technologies: Responsive Web Design. Instead of making a separate mobile version of the website, the website is shaped according to the screen size and resolution of this device on which one website is displayed in line with this approach. In this way, the website can be displayed properly and optimally on all devices. The benefits to us of Responsive Web Design:

  • It has easy management, to manage a single website is easier than managing two separate websites one for desktop and one for mobile devices.
  • Costs are more affordable.
  • It offers high user experience.
  • It facilitates the prevention of repetitive content.
  • It is recommended by Google.
  • It's fast.